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September 8, 2022
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September 26, 2022

SIT_Tribology Seminar2022

"Very professional event, a lot of knowledge taken away, very good information content ..."

This excerpt from our customers' feedback makes us very happy and lets us look back on a successful tribology seminar.

SITRAPLAS had invited to a user-oriented seminar on tribology of thermoplastics in the beautiful Annaberg-Buchholz in the Ore Mountains. The event on September 13, 2022 was held by the research institute TriboPlast GmbH under the direction of Dipl.-Ing. Arndt Schumann and conveyed the current state of plastics tribology in science and practice.

Our guests arrived already the evening before for a joint dinner at the Annaberger Ratskeller "Zum Neinerlaa". In beautiful weather, we then followed Mr. Schumann to the St. Anne's Church, not far away. The 78.6 m high tower of St. Anne's Church has been inhabited for 500 years by a family responsible for the bell tower in rooms 42 m above the ground.

A member of the current family living there guided us, through the old very well preserved walls and allowed us interesting insights into the life and responsibilities as a Türmerfamilie.

Also particularly impressive from a technical point of view, is the up to 500-year-old wooden post and beam construction above the roof of the nave, which we were also allowed to visit.

The next day, participants gathered in TriboPlast's training rooms to delve into the depths of plastics tribology.

Mr. Schumann impressively presented the interrelationships between plastic matrix, additives and their effects on tribological system behavior. The correlations between testing and real application, as well as the description of the various test methods, especially for components with rotary or linear motion, showed the practical relevance of the topic.

Afterwards, the theoretical contents were deepened during the tour of TriboPlast's testing laboratory. Various friction and wear tests on plastic samples and components were examined.

The seminar impressively showed that the material development of sliding-friction pairs is of great importance, especially for kinematic and moving applications in combination with plastics. Regardless of the industry, plastics in particular offer enormous potential in terms of cost and variability.   

SITRAPLAS thanks all guests, as well as Mr. Schumann and his team for many great new impressions that we were able to take home from Annaberg!