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Sustainability at SITRAPLAS


Both ecological and economical use of resources - both factors are essential for us. With individual plastic compounds from the GREEN COMPOUNDS series, our customers receive high-quality products made from sustainable or bio-based raw materials.

Our dedicated team is constantly developing this portfolio of future-oriented and environmentally friendly materials so that users from a wide range of industries can benefit from it. We also advise our customers on choosing products with a lower carbon footprint.

Companies and start-ups can test their own processes and materials in our in-house technical center - with our support.

  • Defining the CO2 footprint during product development
  • Use of recyclable materials from post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste
  • Recycling of own plastic waste through internal raw material cycle
  • Use of bio-based additives
  • Avoiding loss of granulate, flakes and powder in all process steps
  • Energy efficiency in all processes
  • Testing innovative products for sustainable production methods in our in-house technical center

Calculate CO2 footprint

We use a calculation matrix to determine the product carbon footprint (PCF) of existing plastic compounds and future developments. This provides customers with high-quality and ecological plastic compounds by enabling them to choose products with a lower carbon footprint.

It is essential that we define the PCF during product development. By raising awareness of the carbon footprint at an early stage, we can already make well-founded assessments of product characteristics and environmental aspects at this early stage. As a result, we not only achieve more efficient product development. We also minimize the need for subsequent, often resource-intensive adjustments.

Use of an energy management system

It goes without saying that we use energy sparingly. We are also constantly working to reduce our use of raw materials.

We use data from the "econ" energy management system in relation to our extensive machinery and for the purposes of sustainable investment planning. In fact, the entire production process is digitally connected with this tool and is monitored in terms of energy efficiency. We also use the data to check whether system components can be replaced with more energy-efficient and quieter devices.

Own recycling loop

In order to process internal start-up materials, we operate our own recycling system for tested reuse as a raw material. We pre-collect strands, oversized particles or sprues by type in order to grind them in the granulator. Like other raw materials, the regrind is tested in our own laboratory for precise use in recompounds - another important contribution to reducing our carbon footprint.


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SITRAPLAS partners with you to produce individual resin compounds for state of the art product solution.


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