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Technical Center


The SITRAPLAS pilot plant has three twin-screw extruders and one single-screw extruder for filament production. The machinery of the pilot plant is supplemented by various pelletizing systems in wet and dry cutting, as well as an underwater pelletizer. All pelletizing processes are modularly adaptable to the extruders. Further peripheral components such as various metering units, liquid metering, side degassing and up to three side feeders can be variably assigned to the compounding lines.

The scale-up capability of the laboratory plants to the in-house production lines guarantees the best possible conversion of the development products into compounds ready for series production. All process data are digitally recorded and can be used for process analysis.

Product and process development

In our excellently equipped technical center, we continuously develop high-performance compounds and processes for changing, complex requirement profiles in all industries. For the selection of the right material and optimal parameters, we support our customers in the design stage right from the development stage. We develop the best possible combination of polymer and additive to guarantee your specifications in terms of design, functionality and workmanship. With sample plates and sample material, we support you in product selection and validation of your own production processes.

From sampling to the series production process, our experts in product development and sales are your competent partners.

Special Services

We not only develop optimal product solutions for customers and other interested parties. When it comes to compounding, we are the ideal partner when it comes to basic tests, the development of novel methods and test series for product or process optimisation, which are to be carried out in particular taking into account industrial production conditions. Our team is at your side with all the company's know-how in formulation and process engineering. We provide comprehensive support for your tests in our technical center and are also at your side in the evaluation of the results. With our possibilities of comprehensive process data and material analysis, mature industrial compounds or masterbatches are created.

Do you need independent, fast support in the testing and analysis of plastics? Here, too, we can support you.


SITRAPLAS has been a partner of universities and networks in research projects for many years. These projects serve the permanent know-how transfer between the project partners for new and sustainable industrial applications.

Optimization of the efficiency of plastics, changes in the legal framework, and the use of plastics applications in new areas of application that have not yet been exploited are just some of the topics that motivate us. A particular focus of development and research at SITRAPLAS is the improvement of resource efficiency and the promotion of a circular economy in order to encourage the sustainable and economical use of plastics.

Excerpt programs, partners and research projects:

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SITRAPLAS partners with you to produce individual resin compounds for state of the art product solution.


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