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SITRAPLAS presents a further development of SITRALON (PC)

SITRAPLAS, the East Westphalian compounder for innovative technical plastic solutions, presents a further development of the technically and functionally high-quality SITRALON (PC). The transparent material meets flame retardant standards and does not contain any PFAS.

As a result, the SITRAPLAS developers can point to a group of products in PFAS-free formulation with a simultaneously high flame retardant standard.

SITRALON (PC) also has exceptional transparency with a high degree of transmission. "Customers from various industries have repeatedly approached us on the subject of PFAS and freedom from halogens, as there is currently a great deal of uncertainty in the market," explains SITRAPLAS development manager Joachim Boden. "That's why our focus early on was on developing a PFAS-free transparent compound." In the electrical industry in particular, especially because of the growing requirements in the field of electromobility, the need for flame-retardant materials with excellent electrical properties is increasing.

Meeting high standards

With a remarkable CTI (Comparative Tracking Index) of up to 600 V, the flame-retardant, halogen-free SITRALON (PC) FR additionally meets the standards for electrical safety and reliability specifically for high-voltage applications in electromobility. It also meets a V0 rating to UL94 at 1.5 millimeters thick. SITRALON (PC) FR offers the proven excellent mechanical properties, such as impact strength and heat resistance, as well as outstanding flow properties. The product is therefore ideal for complex geometries, among other applications. Individual transparent or opaque colorations can also be implemented without any problems.

These advantages also make SITRALON (PC) FR interesting for applications in lighting technology. "We are of course available as a contact for our customers to customize the technical properties of the product," explains Joachim Boden.

Are you interested in this or another of our high-performance plastic compounds? We will be happy to advise you. Contact us now!


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